A professional biography of the French composer, performer and musicologist who dedicates himself to promoting and reviving European and French inheritance: Flamenco guitar, French waltz, Gregorian chant, classical poetry...

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Who is

Jean-Louis PASTEUR ?


Born on January 26th 1952, the French musician Jean-Louis PASTEUR grew in a family of scientists and first graduated as a Sup'Aéro engineer in plane and rocket propulsion.
He also taught college mathematics during three years and later passed the national competitive examination which entitles him to teach Classical Letters.

Young boy, he had followed classes of musical theory at the Conservatory of Rabat (Morocco). He later learnt
piano with Germaine Crouzy de Thibault,
Spanish guitar with Joaquín Roca,
Indian sitar with Balu and Steve Lecler,
Gregorian chant with Tours Cathedral's Choir.

But he owes the most thorough part of his knowledge and know-how to his own eagerness in self-teaching and investigating out of the common.


As a free artist, Jean-Louis Pasteur only attends to the musics he loves,
those which elevate souls, bring joy and serenity to the greater number,
thus making our world better and more brotherly.

He first devoted eleven years to classical and Spanish guitar,
teaching, giving recitals and elaborating his "Flamenco Guitar Teaching Set".

Then he spent seven years studying Gregorian Chant.
He goes on proposing the outcome of this search to the public,
acting as a solo a cappella singer, through recitals in romanesque churches.

His last endeavour is to revive French Waltzes of the 19th Century :
this research, begun in 1989, ranges over no less than 300 composers
and 5000 pieces, mostly forgotten today but worth rediscovering ;
it already led to issuing a set of two compact discs :
"Le Siècle d'Or de la Valse Française (1830-1930)"
(The Golden Century of French Waltzes, 1830-1930).


A former Parisian, Jean-Louis Pasteur settled in 1986 on the plateaus
of central France, finding there a seclusion propitious to his works.

A devotee to bridge, the ex-president of Bridge-Club Aubussonnais,
an assiduous rollerskater, a ball and folk dancer,
a polyglot fond of reading classical Arabic and ancient Greek,
a composer, Jean-Louis Pasteur is also, last but not least, a poet.

He indites alexandrine sonnets and presides "Parnasse 2000",
a movement of neo-classical poetry in French language
aiming at reviving interest for rhymed and rhythmic reciting.

Living since 2013 in Germany, near Eisenach, Johann Sébastian Bach's birth town,
Jean-Louis Pasteur is now devoting himself to creating videos
published on sharing websites (youtube.com, rutube.ru, vimeo.com, patreon.com),
a way for him to make as widely available as possible
the musical and literary heritages to which he dedicated his life
and to pay tribute to personalities who inspired his artistic commitment.


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